Wire Rope Inspections

Since 1987, Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd. has been the leader in providing quality inspections of wire ropes. We developed our expertise working closely with manufacturers and inspecting wire rope used in a variety of industries and conditions. This experience enabled us to become the premier supplier of wire rope non-destructive testing services to customers in Canada as well as overseas.

Inter-Mtn. Testing Ltd. conducts wire rope inspections using the latest in flux leakage technology. All of our wire rope testing procedures are monitored, examined and evaluated by experienced technicians and engineers to meet customer and code requirements. New technology allows for consistent trace records, efficient test procedures and faster interpretation times. Our travel-friendly equipment allows us to get to you on time and within your budget.

Magnetic Rope Testing (Magnetic Flux Leakage Detection)

Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) is the method of applying a magnetic field to a wire rope and converting data to a useable form of measurement. Our new digital equipment allows us to consistently detect, evaluate and monitor the condition of a wire rope, inside and out, from test to test.

Visual Inspection (VT)

Visual Inspection of wire rope is conducted by our highly trained technicians in areas where MRT is not practical, the wire rope is not accessible, or, like stainless steel wire rope, it cannot be tested using MRT. A visual inspection of wire rope consists of a detailed look at the condition of the outer surface, identifying any deterioration that may have occurred, such as diameter loss, broken wires, corrosion, abrasion, strand gap, core deterioration, lubrication, or unbalanced ropes.

Wire Rope Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Passenger Ropeway Inspection
  • Elevator Rope Inspection
  • Lifting Device Rope Inspection
  • Bridge Strand Inspection
  • Zip Line Rope Inspections
  • Rope Cleaning
  • Rope and Splice Condition Monitoring
  • Container Cranes
  • Mine Hoist Ropes
  • Wire Rope Cable Ferries